Health & Wellness

Our community features a home-like setting for seniors who may need assistance with personal care and daily living activities.  The Wellness Director creates an individulized personal service plan tailored to each resident.  This service plan may include assistance with daily activities such as medication management, bathing and dressing assistance and much more, all provided by a 24-hour licensed nursing staff.

Our Wellness Director assesses all new incoming residents to ensure that our community is able to meet their current healthcare needs. Open communication and teamwork between resident, family, physicians and staff create the ultimate healthcare environment. For added peace of mind, we provide an emergency response system which includes pull cords in the apartments as well as individual pendants for our residents. Safety and security is achieved in our maintenance-free, care-free environment.


  • Regulated by the State of Indiana
  • Annual survey conducted by the State Board of Health
  • Annual Life Safety Survey
  • Licensed Health Facility Administrator serves as the General Manager of the residence


  • Licensed Nurse administers medications
  • All medications are reviewed periodically by a licensed pharmacist


  • Licensed nurse on site 24 hours a day
  • Care provided by Certified Nursing Assistants or Licensed Nurses
  • Health status monitoring performed routinely with notation of conditions of changes

Health & wellness is priority in Indianapolis, IN