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Have a Great Experience at Traditions at Solana?

The Traditions at Solana team is best in class. They put people first-what happens inside every day makes all the difference.
5 Star Review — George F. (Google Reviews)
Traditions at Solana is such an amazing and rewarding place to work. I love my residents as if they were my own family, and we all strive everyday to really make this place not only a happy and loving home, but a happy working environment as well! If I could give more that five stars I would!
5 Star Review — Jessica S. (Google Reviews)
My mom has been at Traditions at Solana for 16 months and I'm so glad we chose this location. The staff are so caring, kind and patient with my mom. I have never seen an impatient or cross word spoken to any resident. I have been there at all different times of day and seen the same kindness in the staff. The facility is lovely. Mom's apartment is just the right size for her. I highly recommend Traditions at Solana.
— Adrienne G. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The cottages/garden homes are amazing! I haven't seen anything like them on all of our tours. Views of the water on the entire property are absolutely stunning. We sat down for an impromptu meal and it was great. They had a full menu we could order off of in addition to the daily specials. They offer delivery service to the garden homes. The outings were something my siblings and I would enjoy. We want to move in just for the amenities. The cruise ship analogy [name removed] used was spot on!
— James A. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Tour was very thorough! I felt like they took the time to answer all the questions and listen to the history of our grandma. Really liked the concept of the move in coordinator who would help her get to know the building and other residents. Great to know she would come in having someone advocating for her before she even arrived.
— Alice L. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The staff came in on their day off to meet with us because of the urgency we had to make a move for our mom. We toured on a Wednesday and had mom moved by Friday. They made us feel at ease for the process despite the quick timeline. Everyone at the facility really came together to make the move as smooth as possible and help mom get settled. Would recommend them to everyone I know!
— Betty B. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The tour was great! Everyone was welcoming & [name removed] stopped to introduce us to each resident as they passed by. My brother & I have visited several communities but felt like we leaned the most from our tour with [name removed]. She emphasized being a resource to us even if Solana wasn't the best fit for our family.
— S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Beautiful community. It’s not brand new like some of the other places we toured, but the management staff and residents are what make this our top choice. They have a beautiful dining area and a week full of fun stuff to do. Thank you for all of your help!
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Fun place with friendly staff. Mom loves it here and I see why. Great communication skills from the activity department. She respond efficiently and timely which has helped me get mom to some fun events. Greatest community around. Glad I chose this place for mom. Deserves a 5 star review.
5 Star Review — Amy F. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We did a walk in tour at 3:30 pm with the beautiful spirited receptionist. She was the only one in the offices everyone else’s light were off and she made sure she stopped her job to show us around. She showed us around and because of her good attitude we are confident this is the right place for nanny. Wine was being served and a famous singer was setting up in the restaurant to perform for the night. Thank you for your time!!!
5 Star Review —  Lionel (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Beautiful community with a GRAND activity program and restaurant styled dining hall. Very resourceful and kind staff. Social and engaged residents.
5 Star Review — Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Traditions at Solana had a lot of options. It had both freestanding condos as well as an apartment building. Residents had full access for everyone (no matter where they lived) for the activities, the services, the in-house podiatry, PT, and beauty salon. There's also laundry, dining, transportation to appointments/outside activities, and supply runs. The staff was very friendly and forthcoming. It was a beautiful and cheerful place.
— Cindie (Caring.com)
I very much like the idea of a partnership for the care plan. I have been pretty involved with mom and her care to this point so I have pretty good idea of her needs / meds. Things keep changing but we try to stay on top of that.

We have looked around at different communities just to do some due diligence before making the choice. But the best recommendations from people in the industry who know – are for Traditions at Solana. They say things like “There are not a lot of places I would recommend but Traditions at Solana is one of them”. It is not an easy choice to make to move mom “away from her home” but I feel good (so far) about what you all have to offer.

Thank you again!
— Amy
Toured last week, best community around Indianapolis, most energetic and caring staff, [name removed] was having a blast with the residents during trivia in the morning, super impressive, most involved administration and management team I have seen yet. Beautiful dining room, full day of fun activities, so upset there isn’t the room we want available. We will be waiting for an opening.
— Family C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I really liked this place.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I wanted to write about my recent tour with Solana and staff. It was a last minute walk in, and to our surprise, they were more than willing to spend the time with us at this moment. We thought we would have to set an appointment, but they welcomed us immediately into the office. The director was in her office when we arrived, and she immediately introduced herself and asked about my dad. The care of the details of not only my dad's ailments, but also his hobbies, was very refreshing. After a quick chat, the director excused herself and [the community relations director] began to offer all the services on how Solana could help. When we went on the tour, the residents were engaging and really seemed happy. Every staff member we passed addressed us and at least said hello. The activity lady stopped and introduced herself. She even gave us a calendar to look over for the month of August. As we move forward with our selection, Solana is at the top of our list.
— Sandy R. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Lovely tour! Exceeded our expectations. [Name removed] did a great job on the tour. Impressed with the full day of activities. Love the dining room schedule! beautiful community.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We toured the beautiful community. [name removed] is the best around!
— Ellen A. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We hosted a birthday party for our father and [name removed] went the extra mile to make Shirley temples for all of our kids and make sure we were all overly taken care of, especially dad. We had a great time. The reason he is so happy and healthy at 90 years old is in part of Solana’s love and care. Thank you so much!!
5 Star Review — Kline Family (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I recently walked through this community with a close family member who is considering making the move to an assisted living facility. I was able to just walk in and speak with staff, whom we could tell were very busy with their own work, but were more than willing to stop and answer some questions we had regarding living in this community and what goes along with it. Every person we came into contact with that was working greeted us with a hello, it sure felt warm and inviting. Care services , meals, activities, etc. were all well explained in detail! My family member was super happy when we left and feeling hopeful that even though it would be a big change for them, a community like this would be amazing and we are looking into moving them in in the next coming months! I would highly recommend Traditions at Solana to anyone looking into an assisted living facility for their loved ones.
5 Star Review — Jessica (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We toured this community last week! Great staff, [name removed] is the most caring person that we have come across during any of our other tours. She really cares about mom and dad. They have awesome activities scheduled: live entertainment is every Friday. They have three outings implemented a week one community based, one to a store and then one to a restaurant of the residents choice. The program is the best one we have interviewed with the most social residents.
5 Star Review — Elizabeth R. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My sister is currently living here and has been getting involved in activities more. The director is awesome and has great communication skills. Within less than 12 hours of me asking; I received all of the information for August with every detail and a picture of my sister participating. Very pleased.
— Vicki C. (Caring.com)
This felt right the moment I walked in the front door. Everyone was smiling and made me feel welcome. My tour guide knew everyone's name and something about all of them. Really felt like they were one big happy family.
— Pam S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We toured this community this week and were impressed with the chair exercise classes that were taking place. All of the residents were social and welcoming, one even took us up on showing us her studio!
— Carol S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
[name removed] referred to assisted living like being on a cruise ship and she was SOOO right! Great way to get my dad excited about a possible move!
— Lynne T. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I love them, they are the best. They have given us resources for outside help with arranging guardianship for my friend. They have connected me with so many people and have just been as helpful as they could possibly be. I would absolutely recommend Traditions at Solana to others looking.
— Sara C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The friendliest place with the most socialized residents of multiple facilities we reviewed and toured. Traditions will bend over backwards to make a tough situation as good as possible. In our case geographically convenient, but that was a minor part of decision. The team here will make you feel like they are your relatives as well.
— Michael H. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My mom moved into Traditions at Solana. They continue to reach out and follow up with me as things are unfolding, and they go the extra mile of just making sure that she has everything she needs. When I met with them, the facility was actually beautiful, really nice, and all the staff was extremely helpful. Everybody there was just very welcoming, even the residents. We did a tour. My mom went with us, and she fell in love with the place when she got there. She's still independent. They have all kinds of fun things that she likes, such as gambling. They go gambling twice a month. They have physical therapy and all kinds of stuff that she does.It's going to be nice for her to transition from independent to assisted, and it's on site. They have plenty of activities for the people as far as physical therapy and range of motion, for those people that are getting inactive for assisted living. They do their own laundry. They encourage them to be completely independent until they absolutely can't. They have a work out room, salon for women to get their hair done and the haircut for men, pedicures, and all that. They have a theater room and recreational room with all kinds of things for them to play. They also have in their dining area. It's an open dining area for 12 hours a day, and they can go at any time of the day. People can have their families come eat with them at any time. There have been announcements like that.
— Kim (Caring.com)
My friend lost her husband and had no one to help her. I knew she couldn't continue to live in her home with the early stages of dementia so I began looking into nearby assisted living places. Traditions has a great staff of hard working, caring people, and the location on White river fit her needs perfectly. Since her move just a few weeks ago, she's beginning to thrive under their care. It's not easy adjusting, but such a relief knowing she's doing as well as she is.
— Sara C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Traditions at Solana is close to our home and close to our church, and that's very important to us. It's very nice, very well kept. They have good meals there, and we have some friends there as well. All of those were deciding factors. It's very clean and the rooms were good sized. They provide three meals a day. We just liked the atmosphere there. They have a washer and dryer on each floor, but they do not have one in the apartments. They have a gym, a salon, a hairdresser, and a library.
— Bob (Caring.com)
Very friendly and the grounds are unlike anything I have seen in a community of this form.
— Marcia G. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We felt very welcomed from the moment we walked through the front doors. The staff knows each resident by name and goes out of their way to acknowledge them during our tour. The activities appeared to be well attended and the residents we asked about the food said they really enjoyed it. Planning to come back for a sit down meal with some of the residents for mom to get their take on the community.
— Janice E. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I enjoy everything about this community. The staff, the food, the freshness.
— Shannon S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Traditions at Solana is a wonderful, family-oriented care facility. I love that the staff know their residents by name and always say hello. I've driven on Keystone so many times but never knew Traditions was back there because it's so private and serene. The water views are beautiful and the rooms are nice. This is a great facility and I would recommend it to families looking for a place for their loved one.
— Maggie S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
When you walk in the door, you are hit with the smell of fresh baked cookies floating through the air! The fire is crackling & if you look through to the back patio there is a beautiful view of the white river. The staff makes each person feel like family. They know each resident by name & something about them. [name removed] conducted the tour & she stopped to help a resident back to their room. She was so knowledgeable about the process & hurdles we might encounter when trying to convince mom. You can tell she loves what she does & truly feels like she is on a mission to help each family, even if they don't pick her community. [name removed] even sent me along with a care package of goodies to take to mom for the holidays. We decided to keep my mom in Florida closer to other family but I would hands down pick Solana if we are ever able to talk her into moving to Indiana. It just feels like home when you walk through the door. You know you are leaving your family in good hands in this community!!
— Pam B. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Solana is an excellent community. They have lots of amenities which helped with the transition for my grandma. The staff was very accommodating and helped guide us through the process. Could not recommend it any more!
— Sally S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Solana is a great community! Residents are always cared for and the views are unbeatable.
— Jamie K. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
This community is in a PERFECT spot! Its close to everything you need but sits back on the water so both sides of the apartments have a view of the water. Really is spectacular all year round! Staff was super knowledgeable and accommodating. They were willing to allow upgrades to the rooms and changes to make the apartment feel more like home to the family I was touring with.
— Kay (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The residents and staff are like family. The residents are so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The serene environment is amazing.
— Family (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I am a currently an employee at Traditions at Solana, I have been with Solana for 7 years. I really enjoy working at Traditions at Solana where the residents and employees is all family to each other. I would highly recommend Traditions for your family member, we will treat and care for them as if they was our own family!!
— Beth W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I can't say enough good things about Traditions both as a facility and the staff.

The facility itself is beautiful, home-like, and smells like freshly-baked cookies much of the time (because they do bake cookies for residents). Nestled between a river and a lake, the rooms have great views and are quite spacious. Also, the director allowed us to make upgrades to the kitchenette that really helped smooth Mom's transition.

The staff is where Traditions really shines. Meg, who was our main contact, coached us through what we knew would be a tough transition, providing hugs and a shoulder to lean on as needed. Tara the director was on hand late at night during Mom's first night, which was difficult. I saw Mike, the head of maintenance, escorting Mom to lunch one day to make sure she was sitting with other residents. When I visited Mom recently (she's been there about 2 months now), I saw Maria, the move-in coordinator, had dropped some candy off to my Mom with a lovely note saying Maria was thinking of her. The nursing staff and aides all clearly care about the residents and work hard to make them feel at home and welcome. Lorenzo, the head chef, even put some of Mom's favorite foods on the menu the first couple of weeks!

One of the most telling moments came early on meeting Meg when she started proudly showing me pictures of residents on her cell phone as if they were her own family. All the staff greets residents cheerfully by name when they walk by, and you truly see that they care.

The staff rallied around to make Mom feel welcome and introduce her to other residents and get her engaged in activities. I'm happy to say that Mom is settled in and enjoying her new life now. She had been adamantly opposed to moving to a "nursing home" as she called it, but now she realizes it's more like an adult cruise on land with all the activities and things they do and having friends around all the time.

Everyone at Traditions made this emotional and difficult experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Go visit - you will not be disappointed.
— Deb G. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I think for the Garden Homes it's the freedom. I wasn't sure if we'd be more confined, but we love the freedom to come and go and the camaraderie in the dining room. We really enjoy meeting different people. The upkeep looks so pretty when we come in and I'm really pleased to have my family or friends come in because everything looks so clean and fresh. The same with the interior of the main house. It's always so clean and that makes me happy because I'm a bit of a neat nick. Maintenance staff is just the best and I love the way we're greeted when we come in by the personnel. Everyone is just friendly.
— Millie (SeniorAdvisor.com)
It's a very friendly, cozy, small-feeling place where the people really care about who they care for. No one is a stranger here for long. The cliché that places like these are cold isn't true here. It's comfortable and you quickly become a friend and someone that's known. No one falls through the cracks.
— Scott (SeniorAdvisor.com)
It's very comfortable, the apartment and people are lovely, no complaints. I would recommend it!
— MA A. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The people at Traditions at Solana are very kind and very nice. The place is clean, neat, caring and it's got a lovely lake view and that sort of thing. They're going to remodel, but they just haven't gotten the things in yet. The food was also good. Then they have social activities, movies, games, parties and all that sort of thing.
— Maria
I loved this facility. Megan stayed in touch without being overbearing. We ended up choosing Solana for Mom.
— Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com)
I like the place itself. It's very good. As far as I can say, the staff are always very good too. The people here know what they're doing and they're always kind and friendly.
— MaryAnn A. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I've been very happy here. I've been in a couple nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabs, and this has been the greatest. Everybody has been very nice. Having my own apartment is great, especially after the places I came from, because they were not so great. This has been a treat for me.
— Brad (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Six years ago we had to make the decision to move our mom to assisted living, and I'm so glad we chose Traditions at Solana. I honestly cannot say enough good things about the staff and the environment. My mom has thrived in her time there and happily calls it home. The facility is so well run. Their communication with me has been top notch. The staff is wonderful! They are a team like a family and their professionalism shows in everything they do. The care and concern they have given our mom has been a great comfort to our entire family. This was especially true in this past year with the COVID crisis. I was so impressed with the proactiveness and protocols put into place to protect the residents. During the time when everything was locked down, they went above and beyond to keep mom healthy, happy, and in touch with us when we couldn't physically visit her. I could go on and on, but I'll close in saying I highly recommend Traditions at Solana to anyone looking to find an assisted living facility for a loved one. They truly are the best.
— Janet K.
Meg, the representative who worked with us, has been extremely helpful and did a great job of listening to our needs. Things we liked: Traditions at Solana has a wonderful community feel - you just know it when you walk in the door. People know each other and are genuinely friendly and caring. It was obvious that they would get to know our loved one and care for her.
— Jenny G.
I would recommend you check the community out for your loved one. The staff are a stand-out to me. The location is good for our family to visit our loved one. They have a good chef, and the food could be improved on for the residents. Overall the food is good though.
— Laura
Wow, what a day. Huge kudos to the staff. I will never forget walking into the room and seeing my dad sitting there with an "I'm the grandpa' ribbon on his shirt (I'm pregnant with a baby girl). The group got the baby a gift from him, a music box with an inscription. I bawled. It this doesn't scream 'family,' I don't know what does. This selfless act left me speechless. I am just in awe.
— Tara
This is a wonderful place to work. I am proud to be a part of a team who has managed the pandemic successfully, and am grateful to all the families who have trusted us to keep their loved ones safe. During the pandemic, all the nursing staff truly has gained many extended families. Thank you for your trust in us and thank you, Traditions for giving us the support we need.
— Brittany S.
I visited Traditions at Solana and I liked it a lot. I thought the people and the staff there were very nice. I thought it was nice and clean. Again, this was during COVID, so I got to see only one room, which was nice. It was a one-bedroom apartment. They have patios in the back where the scenery is beautiful. It is beautifully situated on the river with trees; it was very park-like.
— Carolyn (Caring.com)
The staff here goes the extra mile to check on our father, and to help us stay in touch with him. Especially during COVID, they've been our eyes and ears, keeping us informed while maintaining high standards of professionalism. The facility is clean and well-maintained, the food is delicious, there are fun activities and a dedicated staff. We've been very pleased to have chosen Solana!
— Lisa P.
I feel like in these times it's incredibly important to let you know when an employee is going above and beyond. Donie (I don't have a last name) who is the Director of Memory Care at Solana has been extremely helpful during the pandemic. I've had a few hiccups related to insurance, prescriptions and she has made so many phone calls in order to straighten things out.

I feel incredibly comfortable knowing she's there. I feel like she is an advocate for my dad, treats him like family, is kind, empathetic and honestly I just trust her. I had some apprehension putting him into memory care at first. Now I am confident in my decision thanks to Donie.
— Tara H.
Very happy and pleased with the facility! So blessed to have my parents being taken care of by wonderful staff, couldn't have asked for a better place for them to call home!
— Janet A.
I am VERY happy with your company. I know it's been hard, but the staff has been so transparent, going above and beyond. Please tell whomever needs to hear this, THANK YOU. One of [my dad's] nurses in assisted living, Beth, would point to my picture and ask who I was every day during quarantine. She would make sure he was clean, teeth brushed, hair brushed and she would send me pics. While we're all getting acclimated to him being in memory care, the head nurse, Donie has been WONDERFUL. Mike, the maintenance guy is amazing, too. Dana was super helpful and answered my questions when I was nervous about moving my dad into memory care. He eased my fears. I just can't say enough good things about these people. Beth would say 'You're welcome. He's my family, too.' How cool is that? Warms my heart. These people are going above and beyond. I appreciate it.
— Tara V.
My Dad and I certainly miss you and the wonderful staff. It is difficult not seeing my Mother, but we are so very grateful for ALL you are doing for her and the other residents. When we have FaceTimed, she is well groomed and looks great. I appreciate the update when I call to check on her. Again, thank you!!! Please know we are lifting you in prayer every day. And all the staff and residents as well. This is a difficult time, but you are doing an excellent job in managing everything. Not an easy task. This too shall pass. With much gratitude and love.
— Debby F.
The tour at Traditions at Solana was really great. The staff was really thorough with everything and we really liked the place. Their two-bedroom cottage was really perfect with what we wanted, but it was too expensive. That was the only thing. The staff member who gave us the tour was very good. They wanted to let us stay and eat lunch with some of the residents so we could get to know what they were like. Their little cottages in independent living are separate from the building. They have a general cost, which is understandable, but then there's an extra fee for the additional person. Theirs is not that bad, but some of the other places were really high. The food was very good and everything about the place was good. They were newly remodeled inside, and they were very good about making sure that the place was always immaculate. Their activity room was really nice, and when we went past the beauty shop, there was a lady there getting her hair done. It was just a better atmosphere than the other place I went to.
— G. G.
Thank you so very much for your prompt and appropriate triage of my dad's situation this afternoon. I just got the nicest call from Ann, his evening nurse. She explained his current thought pattern and the fact that he doesn't want to be a burden to his family or anyone else. You have a most caring staff at Solana and I'm so very grateful for everyone's compassionate and loving care of the residents, most specifically, my dad. My deepest appreciation to you and your awesome staff!
— Amy W.
Thank you so much for the care you give our loved ones.
— Laurie P. R.
Thank you so much for everything you're doing for all of our families.
— Taylor S.
Thanks for all you're doing to keep our loved ones safe!
— Lisa K.
Thanks for all the efforts you guys are going through. I can only imagine what it must be like. You are appreciated.
— Craig H.
Thank you for your diligence.
— Patty H.
Thank you for your great efforts to care for our loved ones in this very troubling time.
— Beth P.
I imagine that things have been rather hectic there right now, I appreciate you closing the dining hall.
— Elizabeth W.
Thanks for the great job you folks are doing communicating with families.
— Jim S.
Thanks for all you do, and most definitely praying for all of you and staff during this 'more' challenging time.
— Chadd B.
Thanks for all you and the staff are doing to keep mom safe.
— Ronda N.
I can't, I'm sure, imagine how hectic and challenging this time is for you and all the staff at Traditions. My wife, Margaret and I simply wanted to write a quick note to say thank you, and that we are certainly keeping you and everyone close in thought and prayer. The letters are terrific, we are in as good touch with Dad as his memory will allow, and so grateful that he was able to move to Traditions last summer.
— Rick R.
We appreciate all everyone is doing at Traditions to keep everyone healthy and happy!
— Diana R.
I want to thank you and all your staff so much for your continued kindness and caring for my Mom, Majory, and all the other residents at Solana. This is a hard time for us all, and I am so grateful my Mom is in such a wonderful place. In appreciation for all of you.
— Susan E.
Thank you so much for the update. Thank you to everyone at Traditions for their professionalism and concern for our loved ones. This means so much. I'm certain I am not alone in saying we are SO VERY grateful. You are the best. God bless.
— Janet K.
All the glory to you and your staff for the exceptional care you're providing our loved ones!!!
— Cindy C.
Our father, Tom Burnside (almost 92), has been a resident of the Memory Care unit of Traditions for more than a year now. Happily so.

We are writing today in appreciation for the care that our father has received and to 'name some names.'

Lucia and Lorenzo in the Overlook Restaurant: Job well done! These staffers are always chipper and show a level of care not often seen in service industries.

Cheryl at the front desk: Keeps the cookies coming and knows how to work the remote control in the theater (as well as anyone can figure it out).

Doni, Abigail, Beth, Miranda, Gail(Gayle?): Diligent caregivers that quite frankly, do the work that many could not do, for any wage. They make it look easy and maintain a great attitude. They always greet us with smiles.

But the one shining star that deserves special mention is Megan Clark in Memory Care. She is one-in-a-million. She is always looking for ways to improve life and care for the residents of Memory Care, and is making a difference that way. She regularly engages with residents in one-on-one discussions in a manner that shows that residents are more than a 'to-do list item.' She is genuinely empathetic.

She always looks for ways to constantly improve the 2nd floor environment. When she saw our family members toting apples or bananas up to our Dad in Memory Care, she took note. One day she told John 'it would nice for us to have our own fruit bowl up here.' She has since made that happen. A small thing really, but quite indicative of her manner. Sometimes the smallest of gestures truly resonate the most with the residents of Memory Care.

Even in these very unsettling times, Megan has continuously reached out to us about our father. An example of her most recent of several communications since the Coronavirus restriction on visitors stated:

'Hi Mimi! I wanted to let you know that Tom is doing well. This evening we listened to Frank Sinatra, played a reminiscing game, and he is currently eating a snack and listening to hymns with the other residents. I am trying to give him extra attention and he is being very responsive. He is very talkative tonight: ) I don't mean to be overkill with giving you updates, but I do want to reassure you that he is doing well. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.'

Most importantly, Megan leads by example as a servant leader. She improves everyone around her. Job well done, Megan!

Thank you for all that the staff named above, as well as others, do for our father and other residents at Traditions at Solana.
— John, Mimi and Tom B.
The tour at Traditions at Solana was really great. The staff was really thorough with everything and we really like the place. The staff member who gave us the tour was very good. They wanted to let us stay and eat lunch with some of the residents so we could know what the residents were like. Their little cottages in independent living are separate from the building. They have a general cost, which is understandable, but then there's an extra fee for the additional person. Theirs is not that bad, but some of the other places we looked at were really high. The food was very good and everything about the place was good. They were newly remodeled inside, and they were very good about making sure that the place was always immaculate. Their activity room was really nice and when we went past the beauty shop, there was a lady there getting her hair done. It was just a better atmosphere than the other place I went to.
— GG
I've lived here ever since my heart attack and I truly enjoy being here. The staff is very friendly and always helpful, my room is nice and I love being able to go for walks every day.
— Karen L. (Caring.com)
The staff here is pretty good to me and my wife. Everyone is always so helpful, and we eat pretty good here. I can't say I have had any problems.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I've been here for about 9-10 months or so, and given my circumstances of not being in my own home, I don't believe I'd want to live anywhere else. I'm well taken care of by all the staff and everyone is friendly. So, I feel like I've had a pretty good experience.
— David C. (Caring.com)
Traditions at Solana was nice and we were accommodated very well. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. It was the largest of the places we visited that day, it was clean, and pleasant looking. The outside appearance and the landscaping were good. They had a lot of activities going on, they have transportation available, and a beauty shop on the premises.
— Kathleen (Caring.com)
Traditions at Solana is an amazing place to be. The nursing staff is very caring. The food is tasty. The office staff is always willing to help out wherever necessary. The building is clean and very well maintained and the grounds are beautiful!
— Shannon K.
I have not one negative comment to say about living here. I love it and I feel really good to be here. The staff takes good care of me and my wife. And the chef prepares great food every day.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I cannot say enough about this facility, or as we call it, 'The Country Club.' I have had numerous loved ones in assisted living homes all around the north side of Indy, Carmel, Westfield, and Fishers. This place is a gem--the kindest, warmest, safest, most delicious food, cleanest, most attentive, and beautiful. The staff is off-the-charts great and they think of everything. My mom is a current resident and is so happy that she often asks if she can stay there forever. This is remarkable as she was begging to leave her last two assisted living homes. I cannot think of a single negative except for maybe driving thru traffic at the Fashion Mall to get there.
— Susan P.
We have encountered nothing but kindness, caring and heartfelt quality service. This is the best choice we could have made for my 97 year old father, as well as for our widespread family. The staff is excellent in caring for and making my father feel loved. He feels like he is amid a large, loving family, although not so large that he gets lost in the crowd. There is another thing, too: the staff is excellent in helping us family members with no experience in caregiving cope with the various, and sometimes harsh realities of this stage of his life.

To start with, when we first started looking, we showed up without an appointment on more more than one occasion and each time whomever we met stopped what they were doing and met with us to give us tours of the facility and the specific room we eventually chose. Once we made our commitment, we were referred to movers who specialize in helping families in our situation move their loved one into a retirement facility--those movers made everything so easy for us, packed for us, moved us over, unpacked us, including filling the icebox, putting up the blinds and even hanging pictures. Moving in was entirely painless for us and stress free.

The campus of Traditions at Solana is beautiful. The building itself is situated on a peninsula that extends out with the White River on one side and a lagoon on the other. Across the lagoon is an apartment complex with active residents who often provide entertainment in the lagoon during boating and swimming season. And watching the river is a nice alternative to watching TV. There are large open rooms on each floor--the main lobby on the first, the library on the second and a crafts area on the third. My father loves doing jigsaw puzzles in the library and is often joined by other residents who like to get in their two cents worth. There is a great deal of space, just the right amount to have enough room for privacy and yet not so much to get lost in the crowd. The community spaces are always neat and clean. The dining facilities are just right, too. Dad loves the food. The staff seems to make a point of knowing each resident, to the point there is no need for my father to ask for a dish of vanilla ice cream after his meal. This is a hardworking group of people, taking care of one of the residents' main highlights of the day.

In summary: great location, beautiful grounds, well-kept facility, high quality and talented staff, lots of love. I highly recommend Traditions at Solana. As I said at the beginning, we have encountered nothing but kindness and quality care by qualified people.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Loved your segment on Solana elderly complex. Wish this facility would have been available for my mother. She was moved twice. She was first in assisted living and then moved to nursing home care. Anyone who has been through this knows how hard it is on the elderly and the issues it creates with them. Solana sounds like an amazing place for people to move to and stay at as they age, or as the rep said, 'age in place.' This is someplace I hope to be when I get older.
— Ronna B. (IndyBoomer Radio Interview)
If there is an apartment available, we think that this is one of the best places to live if you need some assistance with medications and are requiring more assistance as you age (from 85, in our case). You can also keep your cat or small dog. The care services and friendliness are amazing compared to the former place where my Mom resided.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My mother lives at Traditions Solana and it was the best place for her and my family. The community is BEAUTIFUL. The staff really care about the residents. Always activities, entertainment and great food. Mom has laughed so much since making Traditions at Solana her home. She has made many great friends. The nursing staff, housekeeping staff and dietary staff, along with the management staff go the extra mile. The beautiful view of the river reminds her of when she was young. It's just a great place to be.
— Roy R. (Google Reviews)
I like it here, so I have no complaints with anything. My experience has been good.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I LOVE IT! The staff is real good at being attentive to me and my husband. I've never had anything negative to comment about living here or the people. I truly do like being here and wouldn't recommend anywhere else to live. There are always fun games and events going on. And I appreciate that we're able to keep tradition and still go to chapel every Sunday here, also.
— Betty H. (Caring.com)
I've been here awhile and I think the people are very nice. I haven't needed for anything since my heart attack, and I'm doing so much better! I feel like everyone goes above and beyond to help. It's a very nice and clean place and I'm happy here.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Nice, very clean and well kept!! Have your own individual parking garages. Quiet and the people seem friendly. It is my understanding that this is a wonderful place for seniors or if you are in need of some type of assisted living. Maybe you need a nurses aid to come by. If you fall into these categories, then I would advise you to come check these out.
— Shawn H.
What a wonderful community!
— Greg A. (Google Reviews)
Solana!! It is an amazing senior living community! The views in all the apartments are breathtaking, the location is great--tons of shops and restaurants within minutes of the community. The residents are kind and welcoming! And the best part of this community is the team here. I have never walked into a building where everyone is smiling, welcoming and their passion for helping others is noticeable. They are very helpful during this difficult process and have a general interest in all people and getting them the care they deserve. Thank you, Traditions at Solana for all you do for your residents and staff! It is very appreciated!
— Kristin T.
I wouldn't change places to live anywhere else. I love my house here! I feel like I have everything I need.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I was here over the weekend. The drive in is beautiful, surrounded by water. Once I walked into the community, I was welcomed immediately while overhearing a piano in the background and the smell was faint but lovely. The lunch looked amazing and the residents were bustling about. If you have a negative stigma about 'nursing homes,' Traditions at Solana will change your mind. I had a great experience.
— Indianapolis, IN Visitor
Our father was in charge of picking his assisted living facility. He and his daughters visited several around Indianapolis. When he walked into Traditions at Solana, he loved the light and open feeling. Before he broke his hip, he painted beautiful watercolors...light is important to an artist. Solana is full of light and a most welcoming atmosphere. He chose Solana. We are now going into two years. He calls Solana 'home.' You can't do any better than that for your parent. When we go out for the day, he is always ready to go home. He looks forward to the music events and 'happy hour' twice a week. He has made friends here. The staff works hard to make the residents a part of the community...it takes a village...they do a great job. We are five siblings and we all appreciate Solana.
— Vicki M.
I really like this community for my mom. I like the staff, who are always caring. This is a clean community for my mom. I was happy when I was able to have a meal with her. The food was very good and she seems to be pleased. They have a lot of nice activities that she is participating in with the other residents and that is very good for her to be active. I would highly recommend this community to other families.
— Indianapolis, IN Family
Overall, I don't have any problems. I have a good time here and enjoy the people. My favorite event is Happy Hour and I get to sing sometimes.
— Stephen H. (Caring.com)
Great community. Staff are so kind. The move-in process is seamless. This helped our family so much with moving mom in. Thank you.
— CinT (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I visited Solana on a whim. It was breathtaking when I walked in the lobby. The receptionist was smiling as she greeted me. The tour of the building was awesome. The young lady giving the tour was very knowledgeable about the building and answered most of my questions before I could even ask. The building was clean and smelled really great. There were cookies baking in the lobby for residents and guests. The dining room was clean and well lit. The menu looked appetizing. It will be one of the finalists, if not the final place for our loved one.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
In my role providing care for elderly individuals with a variety of medical issues, I am often asked to make referrals to facilities like Traditions at Solana. I feel very comfortable making these types of referrals to this beautiful facility. The Executive Director has extensive experience in leadership of assisted living/memory care type units. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to administer over this facility with both the strength and compassion needed to succeed in her role. I truly wish I had known more about Traditions at Solana a few years ago when both my parents, long-time residents of the north side, required a move to assisted living. I would not have hesitated to have moved them to such a great place!
— Dave M. (Caring.com)
Absolutely in LOVE with this building! From the breathtaking outdoor appearance to the clean and vibrant interior, a gorgeous building all around! The receptionist was so kind and friendly with us. All of the staff we passed interacted with us with warm smiles and greetings. I found the Executive Director to be extremely knowledgeable and very compassionate toward my father and I. We were invited to stay for lunch and enjoyed a wonderful meal where we met several residents who had very good things to say about Solana! Overall great experience and my father's top choice for assisted living!
— Jo T. (Caring.com)
I live here with my dog and everything has been really nice. The staff is friendly and the food is really good. I like that I can feel good here and so does my baby girl.
— John K. (Caring.com)
This is a wonderful community. The staff are what make this building so amazing. Caring, compassionate and knowledgeable team. Fun activities, well maintained, beautiful views and great staff.
— Kristin T. (Caring.com)
I have a family friend who currently lives at Traditions at Solana. Let me just say, wow! The building and property are absolutely beautiful. No matter who I talk to, I always receive a smiling face in return. The staff seem very caring and have a passion for working with this population.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
It was a year long process, including many phone calls and just as many visits, but we determined that Solana was the best fit for our family. To date, we have not second guessed our decision. The scenery is lovely, food is good, care is available, but most of all it's home.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Traditions at Solana was nice and brand new. The lady who assisted us was really helpful and friendly. She knew almost all of the residents and was really positive about the place. What I really liked about it was it's on the river with water on three sides of it, so almost all of the rooms look out on water and it was really pretty. It's in the city, but tucked away, so it doesn't feel like it. They have a salon, exercise place, outdoor area with grill where they sometimes cook outside, a movie room and little library. A guy was playing music when I was there.
— Terri (SeniorHomes.com)
My loved one chose Traditions at Solana out of all the places we toured. We have not been disappointed yet, staff are gracious and kind.
— Wayne BB (Caring.com)
I like living here and the residents and staff are great people.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The building is absolutely beautiful, but what counts most is what's inside. The staff are kind, considerate, compassionate and proactive. I would recommend to anyone searching for a place for their loved one.
— Robert P. (Caring.com)
It is a beautiful facility and it appears that they have a knowledgeable staff who work with residents. I think my mother-in-law would be happy at this gorgeous place.
— Indianapolis, IN Visitor (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We chose Traditions at Solana for my brother because it is so very nice. It has a very nice location, and the facility itself is extremely nice. It's some place I wouldn't mind living myself. Actually, my brother has toured other facilities and it is the best choice for him. The staff is extremely pleasant and professional. They were doing whatever they needed to do to make sure our needs were met. They have a movie theater where they watch a movie once a week and a lounge area where they have a happy hour once or twice a week. They even take them shopping. Some boating is possible around the facility. They are planning to get some kind of a boat because they have a river behind them and a lake in the front. Solana is a brand new facility that just opened last June. It is well built over the course of probably the past year and half. They have all the bells and whistles.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
My mom is in Solana. It was in the high end of nice. It is really pretty and new. It is Medicaid waiver certified. They did a really good job. We like it. There is a practitioner who is right there. We like the staff. Things have been pretty good. I highly recommend it. They have activities. They do everything you can think of. They have a theater. They do arts and crafts every day. They have an exercise room.
— Jennifer (Caring.com)
The place is brand new and they only had seven or eight people in their memory care unit, so it was quiet. Traditions at Solana has got a big open day room with the TV area and the eating area. They did have assisted living and one half of the floor is designated for memory care. It is all arranged differently. This unit opened up June 2014, so everything is brand new and very upscale looking. The locked unit opens up to the very large day room. They have a lot of facilities on the floor like a kitchen and refrigerator. They have their own tables at one end of the large room. Most of their food comes from the kitchen that makes the food for assisted living. They can still bake cookies or whatever right there. They can do stuff right there if they wanted to cook an egg for somebody who didn't want what is served. They have a smallish table and they sit in groups however they want to. They have individual rooms and you have to bring your own furniture. Each room has a very large window that overlooks one side of the building. Once in a while, the TV might be loud because people can't hear that well, but in general, it is calm and quiet.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
My mother has received very good care at Traditions. Staff and all employees are very caring. Facility is gorgeous and very clean and well maintained. They care for all her wants and needs.
— Barb B. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We chose Traditions at Solana for my parent because it is in a good location, it is brand new and it is very clean. This place is large. It is a really nice facility. It also overlooks the river. It is a surprisingly beautiful place. I was shocked because they take Medicaid also. The staff is excellent. They're very friendly and very helpful. I ate there and the food is very good. I would recommend Traditions at Solana.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
I have a relative living at Solana. She is extremely happy there, likes the food and loves the employees. The nursing staff is very conscientious about her needs and so is the dining room staff. When I pass an employee in the building, I get a nice smile and greeting. Whenever we have asked for something, be it medication, laundry or bathing, they don't put you off. What you ask for is immediately taken care of. I would highly recommend Traditions at Solana.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
If you are looking for a place for your loved one to call home, look no more! Not only are the staff kind, patient and understanding, the views are so pretty! If you are in the market for assisted living, you must check out Traditions at Solana.
— Indianapolis, IN Resident
This is a great place to live. The chef prepares really good food, the nurses and aides are very good at helping me and I like the view from my room.
— Jean J. (Caring.com)
My mother has been a resident of Traditions at Solana for almost a year. Our family has been extremely happy with the care provided by the staff. Mom has moderate dementia/Alz and has lots of mood swings. Some days she is not very happy, as she thinks she should be able to live on her own. I have no complaints. I feel she is safe at Traditions and getting good care.
— Charlie#1 (Caring.com)
Staff very professional and the property very nice and clean.
— Indianapolis, IN Visitor
My sister and I just moved my parents into an assisted living apartment at Solana. I cannot say enough good things about all of the staff. The staff has been a Godsend helping my sister with all the steps and details of a smooth transition when moving our parents from their home into assisted living. The Executive Chef and wait staff are top notch. The food, service, and attention to detail and kind heart of these folks is exceptional. The medical staff is attentive and timely with check-in procedures and dispensing medications. Down to earth, extremely knowledgeable staff and very impressive accommodations. Thank you!
— Indianapolis, IN Family
Solana is affordable and a very nice facility with good, caring people. The thing that stands out most to me is the personalization.
— Jill (Caring.com)
The tour here was nice. This community is big and beautiful. The menu seemed appealing. They do offer a lot of activities. Families may want to tour this nice community for the care of a loved one.
— Indianapolis, IN Visitor
Beautiful community, waterfront views.....it is hard to believe you are in Indiana when you look outside! Warm, caring staff, happy residents!
— Indianapolis, IN Visitor
Living here has been a positive experience so far. I feel like everyone goes above and beyond to help. My mother and I like being here and it's a good place to live.
— Mark H. (Caring.com)
I had very definite things that happened at Solana that don't happen in other places. I walked in there and everybody was enjoying themselves. Both the staff and the residents are laughing and talking and it kept going through the whole tour of the place. There were people quietly playing bridge and some people in the snack bar happily and noisily playing Uno. In other areas of the property, people were just having fun and doing stuff. A lot was going on and it looked to me like most of the people there were in their 70s or 80s. The place is clean and well-painted and the decor is neat.
— Grandma Barb (Caring.com)