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Congratulations to All of Our Navigator Front Line Recognition Nominees

Celebrating Traditions COVID Front Line Recognition Nominees

It was our pleasure this summer to honor the winners of the COVID Front Line Recognition Award, sponsored by MHA/Navigator and created to honor two front-line individuals or teams who have gone above and beyond in providing extraordinary care to our residents. Thank you to the Park Place Memory Care Team and caregiver, Kamari Claybrook of Reagan Park for exemplifying grace under pressure.

We also wanted to take a moment to recognize all of our nominees, who have been instrumental in supporting our teams and caring for our residents through a challenging time.

Please join us in congratulating the following nominees for their hard work and recognition.

Gwen Lewis

Traditions at Brookside

Proudly nominated for the COVID Front Line Recognition Award. Gwen has worked at Traditions at Brookside as a CAN for three years. She takes extra time to talk and connect with the residents, and makes sure they not only feel good, but also look good. Protecting our residents’ health and safety is Gwen’s number one priority.

Intanique Paysinger

Traditions at Reagan Park

Indi has been a nurse with Reagan Park for several years. She was extremely crucial in maintaining a calm presence during COVID. She works primarily as a first shift LPN, but has picked up many extra hours and is diligent about monitoring symptoms and communicating that information. She is selfless and exemplifies the meaning of a Front-line Hero.

Andrew Ardapple

Traditions at Reagan Park

From day one of COVID, Andrew was my right-hand man. He was there with me every single day for 40 days straight to make sure we had a strong management presence in the building during a time of uncertainty. Many of the changes we had to make drastically affected our dining service. We relied heavily on Andrew to amend and be creative with how we were going to serve residents three meals a day in their apartments. He is the first one to spring into action, even helping in other departments. He is a selfless and take-action type of employee.

Lerin Wells and Iris Gibbons

North Bend Senior Living

Lerin and Iris are sisters who came on board with Traditions at North Bend when we opened in June. They continued to work and provide care to our residents while providing care for their mother, who became ill with cancer and passed away recently. They both bring such a positive attitude to work each day, despite the hardship they have gone through.

Taneka Mollenkopf

Apple Blossom Senior Living

Taneka is a Resident Assistant in our Memory Care Neighborhood who has a gift for treating our residents as her family. Working with those who suffer from memory care diseases can be challenging, and Taneka does it with sincere concern and humor. Our residents love her and she loves them!

Taneka has not turned down one request to work overtime or come in on her days off to cover other shifts. What is more impressive is that Taneka has five children at home, all boys!! Her cool demeanor has a calming effect on those around her, which is especially important in the Memory Care Neighborhood. We are proud to have Taneka on our team and truly thank her for all that she does every day.

Donna Anderson

Traditions at North Willow

Donna goes above and beyond daily, but she has been an amazing warrior during this pandemic. She never lets anyone pass that front desk without knowing who they are, why they are here and screening them properly. Even when she has to be tough, she has a smile on her face. She is here every day and has been willing to step in to do anything she can to help us through this time, including staying late and coming in on weekends to help with patio visits, etc. She is always gently reminding our residents to put on their masks and doing her best to keep everyone safe and healthy.

North Willow is blessed to have Donna and an amazing team who should all be nominated!

Carol Cook

Traditions at Hunter Station

Carol was recently profiled in The News and Tribune’s Unsung Heroes edition for going above and beyond to help the residents of Hunter Station. When Covid-19 hit, Carol recognized that she could step up to help in this time of need. She sewed more than 100 masks for staff and residents, as well as up to 500 for the community. Carol also began styling residents’ hair every other weekend, and another staff member joined her to paint nails. She isn’t a beautician, but it was something she could do to lift their moods.

Says Heather Satterfield, community relations director, Carol brings the ‘glow and comfort’ to Hunter Station. “She takes the time to sit down and listen to residents and talk with them. She is that person we can all go to—staff, residents and even family members.”